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Play Frog provides fun and engaging French classes for Early Learning centres right across Brisbane and South East Queensland. Our innovative “learn through play” teaching method has introduced thousands of young children to the wonders of the French language in a fun, safe, and inclusive environment. 

For the centres themselves, there is so much to gain from implementing a French language program like the ones from Play Frog. Whether you adopt our in-person or online programs, your centre will benefit greatly from our engaging and educational French classes. Let’s take a look at just some of the ways in which choosing Play Frog for your centre is a decision you won’t regret. 

A Specialised French Learning Curriculum 

Play Frog provides exciting French language programs that have been specially designed for children under the age of six. Instead of simply teaching young children a handful of French words every now and then, we integrate the French language through a set program of fun activities that engage students through performing, song, dance, literacy, and numeracy.

This way, your students will experience the joy of playing with their friends while gradually adopting more and more of a foreign language. Both our in-person and online programs have been tweaked over the years to provide a learning experience that caters for children of all backgrounds to learn, grow, and have loads and loads of fun. 

Offering Something Different 

Today, increasing numbers of educators in Early Learning centres come from a bilingual background. While these educators may teach children a few words from their language, it is often not taught with the consistency of a weekly syllabus. This is despite the fact that research shows that learning a new language under the age of six is easier than when we get older. Additionally, bilingual children are proven to have an academic advantage later in life. 

All of this suggests that choosing a specialised foreign language program, such as Play Frog, for your day care centre will provide a huge point of difference to attract more families. Parents appreciate seeing their young child try new things and expand their knowledge on a variety of activities. While early childhood centres provide a wide range of educational activities, foreign language classes arguably deliver the most value for young children as they learn more about the world, different cultures, and themselves. 

A Service You Can Trust

Play Frog prides itself in providing reliable and professional services to Early Learning centres so directors can trust that we will always deliver. Here are just some of the ways in which Play Frog strives to be entirely consistent and transparent to make life easy for Early Learning centres: 

  • Establishing a consistent routine with our programs that centres can always rely on – week in and week out. 
  • Reliable communication, invoicing, and any other necessary updates on our business and services. 
  • Quality French classes from experienced native French teachers who combine a deep knowledge of the language with relevant pedagogical qualifications and training.
  • Upon request, we update parents and family members with resource and on how their child/ren are progressing through our programs, so they will feel involved in the process as well. 

We understand that the secret to establishing and maintaining strong relationships with Early Learning centres is trust, reliability, and offering a level of value that benefits everyone involved. 

Contact Play Frog Today 

If your day care centre would like to benefit from implementing our specialised French classes, then contact our friendly team today on 0402 351 958. We can’t wait to hear from you!