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Play Frog’s programs bring the joy of learning French to children.

Play Frog It's Playtime

Ever since 2005, we have been offering quality in-person classes for young children aged from 3-5 years at dozens of local day care centres and kindergartens. In the past few years, we have developed our offerings to include online programs for centres as well as home schools so that more children can enjoy the Play Frog learning experience.

Our programs are taught by native French speakers who are all experienced and qualified educators in their own rights. Children will gradually learn the fundamentals of the language by engaging with topics taught through interesting characters and fun activities. Our method allows children to learn and grow through being playful, social, and creative. Our goal is to ensure that every child is getting the most out of themselves by being immersed in our welcoming and inclusive learning environment.

What to expect from Play Frog’s Programs:

Fun & Engagement

Engaging in-person or online lessons that introduce the French language and culture through innovative teaching combining learning, play, and creativity.

Quality Learning

High quality resources to help children immerse themselves within our lessons.


Weekly French language classes, taught by native French speakers with a background in education.


A program booklet outlining the different pronunciations and translations of the various words taught.

In-Person French Programs

In-Person Programs

Play Frog has been offering engaging in-person French language programs for early childhood centres in Brisbane since 2005. In that time, we have refined our lessons and teaching methods to deliver an exciting learning experience for young children from all backgrounds.

Our in-person classes are 30 minutes each and cover the fundamentals of French through 8 interesting topics split across two years. These topics are presented through loveable characters and entertaining activities that organically integrate French language, culture, and history into the classes.

By the end of the program, the students will be able to count, name colours, and speak a range of other basic phrases in French. But they will also build confidence, gain social skills, and become inquisitive learners through their Play Frog experience.

In-Person Programs

Online Programs

Play Frog is excited to offer educational and engaging online classes for day care centres and home education. Our online programs are just as successful at introducing young minds to the beauty of the French language and culture as our in-person classes, and can be enjoyed by children from all over the state – and the world!

Our online program is packaged to cover a single topic over the course of a term. Each video lesson takes between 7-10 minutes and we provide centres and families with the resources to continue their child’s learning. Our online programs have been designed to create meaningful relationships with the children while inspiring them to have fun, expand their knowledge, and acquire important educational and personal skills along the way.

Our online programs are split into three models depending on your situation:

  • Online French lessons for home schools with a single child
  • Online French lessons for home schools with multiple children
  • Online French lessons for day care centres and kindergartens
Online Programs
Online Programs Wordwide
Play Frog's Passionate Team 1

An Experienced and Passionate Team

The Play Frog team is made up of passionate educators who love to help young children develop their confidence. Each team member is a native French speaker and qualified educator, making us the perfect fit to introduce your child to this fascinating second language.

We try our best to ensure that each centre has the same teacher for every lesson to strengthen those relationships that will grow from lesson to lesson. While the educators from day care centres need to remain present during our classes, our team is also highly professional, adhering to the highest ethical and safety standards in our practice. So you can have the peace of mind that your children are in safe hands.