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In-person Brisbane French Classes for Kids

In-Person Brisbane French Classes For Kids

Play Frog offers fun and engaging French classes for day care centres throughout Brisbane. Our mission is to inspire young children to have fun and grow as individuals while being introduced to the wonders of the French language and culture. Since our establishment in 2005, we have been travelling to multiple Brisbane early childhood centres to foster young minds in their growth and development as inquisitive and active learners.

Our in-person program has been refined throughout the years to reach its current form. It uses innovative teaching techniques with a strong emphasis on active and play-based learning to ensure that every child is having an absolute blast while immersing themselves in the French language and culture.

There is humour, vibrancy and joy about the lessons which engage all including those children who are non-verbal or somewhat shy.

In Person French Classes Brisbane

French Fun Classes at Our Centre

Play Frog provides fun and engaging weekly French language classes for young children in Brisbane day care centres and kindergartens – with having fun being at the centre of everything we do. Through a variety of dynamic resources, unique characters, and engaging activities, the children will become fully involved learners as we invite them into a welcoming environment that inspires their imagination.

Our program is split into 8 separate topics taught over two years, with each class taking half an hour. These classes integrate French words and phrases into song, dance, art, games, and other fun activities, all presented by our cast of colourful characters. We provide centres with additional resources so they can continue their students’ learning and easily keep families up to date with their child’s progress.

At the end of each term’s program, the students will be presented with a certificate each to commemorate all the amazing work they have committed to our classes.

Catering for Every Age Group

Play Frog’s in-person classes are offered as embedded programs with early childhood learning centres throughout Brisbane, with our programs altered depending on the age and learning needs of your students.

Classes for 1-2 Year-Olds

Designed for babies and young toddlers who are curious and full of energy, but need adults around to feel assured. These classes are only 15-minutes in length, and immerse these young minds in a way that fosters their development and growth.

Classes for 2-3 Year-Olds

20-minute classes designed to encourage the children to explore their independence and grow as effective communicators with their peers.

Classes for 3-5 Year-Olds

These 30-minute classes prepare children for school by further developing their communication, creative thinking, and social skills. These years are ideal for children to absorb new information, making it a prime time to introduce a new language.

In Person Classes At Our Brisbane Centre

A Service that Centres can Trust

Play Frog prides itself on being a reliable and trustworthy partner to day care centres and kindergartens across Brisbane. Directors value our commitment to always arriving on time, being excellent communicators, and having a well-structured payment system.

We have developed resources so we can always update parents on how their child’s French education is progressing. We go above and beyond to ensure that our relationships with customers is smooth and stress-free, which is why we have enjoyed multiple long-term partnerships that have lasted for years.

The Playfrog Language Program offers an exceptional learning experience for children. Engaging, creative, and fun, Corinne and her team deliver high quality programs that are loved by our three centres. Children are exposed to a different language and culture, and the costumes, props and resources make it fun and enjoyable for all. Corinne is incredibly organised and the lessons run seamlessly. I thoroughly recommend for any early childhood setting.

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