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About Play Frog – Fun French Tutoring for Children

The Fun Way to Learn French

Play-based learning.

Play Frog’s language tuition programs are designed around the mantra of “learning through play”. Our programs teach the fundamentals of French by exploring different topics. The children explore these topics through various colourful characters, activities, and multimedia experiences that are fun, engaging, and flexible to the learning needs of all children.

Two children dressed in aprons and chef hats, clapping dust while cooking at a counter. An example of our online French Language and Culture classes.
A all filled with French words and terms, written by children from our in Person French Program
Play Frog Values

Our Values

Play Frog is built on the core values of reliability and quality education. We are proud to have delivered successful French learning programs to thousands of children across dozens of Queensland centres and endeavour to go even further.

Above all else, we strive to create a welcoming and safe environment where children from all backgrounds feel encouraged to express themselves and grow as individuals. We achieve this by maintaining high professional standards in our work, including valuing the safety of others, adhering to ethical education practices, and providing constant support for centres, families, and the children.


The Instructors are always funny and make strong connections with children. The program has been very interesting and useful. The resources are attractive and children are very excited every time.


Eleanor has loved your classes. I caught her playing "French class" with her toys over the weekend, she had all the books, handouts and certificates out and she was asking the toys about the words on the cards. She is often shy to share what she learns in class with you, but it was lovely to catch her saying words in French.

Childcare Centre

The children, staff and families love the program. It is fun, interactive and the children get to explore new French vocabulary through games, music and visual cues capturing the many learning needs of the children at our service. Being multilingual or bilingual often helps children learn at school because it helps them with problem-solving, multitasking, creativity and flexible thinking. These children can also have good focus all of which complements our Montessori Program here at Tingalpa.


We always look forward to French on a Tuesday, it brings so much joy to the centre. Several of our families comment on how much their children are learning and the information they are retaining.


I would like to say thanks for conducting the French lessons. My son Archie enjoys the lessons and comes home gushing over them. He is so excited and loves sharing what he has learnt.

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If you would like to learn more about Play Frog’s innovative French learning programs, then we would love to hear from you. Contact our friendly team today on 0402 351 958.

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