My name is Corinne Moran Somarriba. With over 30 year’s experience in the child care industry, I am the founder of Play Frog Language Tuition.

In the last 12 years we have been providing tuition to over 5000 children in Brisbane child care centres.

We have created a tailor- made program that has proven very successful in teaching foreign languages to young children.
Our goal is to introduce your child to French language and culture in a FUN, STIMULATING and SAFE environment.

Our objective is to provide the best tuition and support for each student and their family.


At Play Frog we believes that young children benefit intellectually and socially from learning another language.

The Federal Government's "Early years learning framework for Australia" fully supports the benefits of a second language.

We also believe that all children can succeed through:

A fun and engaging pedagogy, with musical,
physical and cultural activities.

A supervised, respectful and safe learning environment
Opportunities to learn by talking to each other
and reflecting with peers.

Using a whole world as your classroom.